Our site was set up in dedication to all the gamers out there. Specifically, we have grown particularly weary of the freemium gaming marketplace. Long gone are the days of being able to pay a dollar for a mobile game or dealing with apps. Now you must spend a bunch of money (sometimes up to several hundred dollars), deal with ads, and wait forever to “level”. We get it, game designers absolutely need to make money for their work. Even a simple android game takes hours to set up and run properly. Online games require running a server and having a team to manage all the aspects of the program itself. Unfortunately, the studios the programmers work for realize that people will continue to shell out fist over a dollar, allowing them to both further marginalize their own programming teams as they make record profits. Since we can’t change the economic model all by ourselves, we decided to do one better: we broke the system instead.

We wanted to design MovieStarPlanet hacks to give all gamers a fair advantage in playing. Since this particular game isn’t so much competitive as it is fun, our hacks do not take away from the gameplay of others. In a rare relationship, our cheats make the game better for everyone. Users of our site can create new content for others to use, and everyone wins. We hope that our users get everything we aimed for out of our hacks and cheats and wish everyone happy gaming!