Over a hundred thousand people use our services every day, and we usually get flooded with tons of emails that may impact our response times, the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) answer over 60% of the queries we get every day! Please also read our About Us page to find out more if any of your questions remain unanswered.

• Does my account get banned using Msphacked.com?
No. Your account is protected by our unique anti-ban algorithm that always runs concurrently with the hacking procedure. Your username is always encrypted and made inaccessible, and the digital transactions are completely wiped without traces after adding the in-game items to your gaming account.

• I’ve finished all the steps, but the items don’t reflect in my account, what do I do?
Although the requested in-game items reflect in your account in a couple minutes, in some cases, it may take about 6 – 12 hours for them to reflect in your account because of time zone differences, overhead on our servers and tons of other factors. Also, make sure that you follow the on-screen instructions and complete all the steps properly, you can always go back to our homepage and try again!

• How do I support Msphacked.com?
You can always support our services by sharing our website’s link with your friends and family. Please help us serve more people, so we can develop more products and serve you better! We generate all our revenue from the adverts we display on our website, helping us serve more people help us generate revenue that keeps our servers and development alive.

• How many times can I use this software on my account? Does this work on any MSP account in any location?
You can use our website on any gaming account on MSP, as many times as you want. Yes, our MSP hack works on any account, regardless of the location. We recommend you to logout of your MSP account before you use our tool.

• I’ve sent you a query, but I haven’t received a response yet.
It usually takes about 24 – 48 business hours for us to respond with a resolution, please don’t send multiple queries, as it may delay our response even further.

• How safe is your software?
We provide the best-in-class hacking solutions and our quality is unmatched in terms of reliability and effectiveness. Our proprietary hacking engine and anti-ban algorithm ensures that your account is 100% safe and intact, every single time. We maintain and update our hack tool every single day, improving effectiveness.

• Are you going to release more software? Would you charge for your services at some point in the near future?
We aim to provide all our services and software for free as long as we’re online, and we’re currently working on a major release that includes hacks for many popular games on the Internet today. Make sure that you check us out often to get to be one of the first people to use the best cheats on the Internet.

• My issue is still unanswered, what do I do?
Please tell us about your issue in detail using our Contact Form, and we’ll respond with a resolution as soon as possible!