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The problem with most generic hack tools is that they’re usually built by a couple developers in a day or two, with no proper research. So, the game developers usually fix these vulnerabilities in a couple days, rendering the hack tools useless. And that’s the exact reason why we spent so much time in research and development, unlike any other hack tool on the Internet, our MovieStarPlanet cheats are based on a wide range of vulnerabilities and exploiting mechanisms and strategically selects them based on a set of variables, so that the people at Miniclip wouldn’t even realize they’re being hacked.

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Although it usually takes a couple minutes for the in-game items to reflect on your account, it may take up to 2 business days when our servers are overloaded with a lot of requests, but as soon as you complete all the steps on our website, your request is queued in a special database and is processed as soon as there are some free resources available on our servers. You can always submit a query using our Contact Form if your items didn’t reflect even after 2 business days.

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