MovieStarPlanet is one of the most rapidly growing online games today, with over 15 million monthly active users. After receiving countless requests for developing a functional and reliable MSP Hack, we finally created the most reliable, effective and safe hack tool for MSP on the Internet today. Our unique hack deployment system always completes the requests with the lowest possible failure rate, and ensures 100% safety of your gaming accounts!


We believe that every gamer should get the absolute best. But, today’s gaming industry made gaming really unfair and hard, unless you pay them money for Starcoins, Diamonds, Fames and VIP. Hundreds of people have requested us to create a hack for MovieStarPlanet so they can enjoy their favorite game to its full potential. We designed this hack tool in such a way that it always keeps your account safe and intact, you can use our hack tool as many times as you want without worrying about getting your account banned.


We use an advanced AES-256 bit encryption technology at every step of our hacking procedure, so even if our hacking engine failed partway, the information would be rendered inaccessible. We also regularly maintain and protect our servers from intruders, and remove all traces of activity on MSP’s servers that may lead back to us. We also don’t store or share our users’ information on our servers, all the information that we collect on our website is immediately destroyed after the hacking procedure is complete.


Unlike other hack tool providers, we strive to provide the most reliable software to our users. We provide the MSP hack tool using a wide network of data centers dedicated to performing exploits on MSP’s servers. We also have a strict resource management policy, which makes sure that all the requests from the users across the globe are served in the most effective way. Our servers automatically redirects new incoming requests to a “pending queue” when there’s a huge overhead on our resources. We then process the requests in the “pending queue” as soon as the resources are available.

We detected a wide range of vulnerabilities on MSP’s servers, which we exploit using our unique hacking engine to serve our users’ requests. We choose the vulnerability that has to be exploited based on the user’s request and a wide range of variables, this ensures the lowest possible level of suspicion. As the requests are served by exploiting a wide range of vulnerabilities on different servers, they cannot notice a sudden spike of activity on any of their servers. Please report any spam or abusive activity by contacting us immediately.


Your account is 100% safe with us, over a 100,000 people across the globe use our software every day to load their gaming account with tons of Starcoins and Diamonds! Our unique anti-ban algorithm works concurrently throughout the hacking procedure and halts the hacking engine if there’s an inevitable fatal error, ensuring total safety for your gaming account. You can use our hack tool on any MSP account as many times as you want without ever getting banned or flagged.