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MovieStarPlanet is quickly becoming a chart topper on all the mobile gaming markets. Over the past few months, our team has received countless requests from users at our other sites to build a functional MSP Hack for this hot new game. Our team did not fail to deliver either. Building one of the most state of the art online hack deployment systems available, users are able to quickly and conveniently mod their accounts in the game. You do not need to provide us with any kind of personal information to get it done either. In fact, we offer some of the most extreme security measures which keep you and your identity completely anonymous at all times. Take advantage of one of the best ways to hack MovieStarPlanet online safely today. If you can follow a few, simple steps, we can get you started right away. Our process takes you from our site to the game in just a few minutes. The procedure in which you add upgrades is incredibly simple, we have even add steps which are very easy to follow. There is no special programming knowledge necessary to be able to run our tool, we have created a very friendly interface which simplifies the process to its best. If you follow all of the steps correctly you can easily finish in just a few minutes time.

MovieStarPlanet is quickly becoming one of the most popular new releases in the mobile gaming market. In the game, your objective is simple: become the most popular celebrity. With YouTube interactions, and an active online community featuring an in-game chat system, it’s easy to see how this game would take the market by the story. The biggest selling point our team found while testing out their hacks and playing MovieStarPlanet was the seemingly endless amount of customization the game allowed as the user’s avatar progresses through the game. The biggest demands from our users were to help them reach these levels much quicker than the game allowed for. Many had grown tired of doing repetitive tasks over and over again to try to get there. It simply kills the fun in the game. Instead of all that, they wanted a tool like the one we have created for our site.

How it works

Our tools are all based online, so there is no guessing game about what is or is not safe to download. Our team anticipated that majority of online users are going to try and stay away from having to download anything they can go without on their mobile device. At best, running extra apps and services will kill your battery, and at worst, the software could contain Trojan horses and spyware that can still your personal information right off your device. There are also sites that will ask users for their in-game login information, their google account, and iTunes information, and beyond. Here at, instead of going through all that, our hack tool stays anonymous, is free to use, and requires no personal information whatsoever. Users simply hop on, use our tool, and get back to the game. Our encrypted servers keep all of your information safe. We maintain top of the line security on our site, so users don’t have to worry about it.


Our new MSP Hack is available and always up to date, keeping them easy to use. In addition to its remarkable uptime and success rate, we have also added quite a few new features as well. When creating MSPHacked, we thought that it was important to make our user's privacy and of course safety a priority. Unlike many other tools that you can find online, our service has now integrated a variety of different features that allow you to feel safe while using our program. We have added incredible additions such as proxy support. Choose between the thousands of different dedicated proxies that you can use to hide your location on the internet! Our proxies are all private so there is no way for the game to detect that your real location, or that you are even using a proxy in the first place.


In addition to simple proxy support, the team has decided to go to the next level with our security features. This is why we decided to add our own VPN to the hack tool. You can now select a specific server to access our online generator from which takes the whole privacy strategy to its maximum level of security. There have been no banns so far with our tool and we hope to keep it that way. Get back to playing the game the way you play instead of having to pay to play! We are here to help you be the best player you are and of course save you that hard earned money. Don't waste your potential and get the best out of the hottest new game of the year. MSPHacked will finally allow you to enjoy the game the way it’s truly meant to be.

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ok just did it but is this safe..? and can u get bann for this or no ?

Anonymous Username not provided

Can't believe that this thing actually works. I was testing around with a bunch of different websites and was just about to give up when I came across this one. So grateful for this. Thank you.

David G. Daveyyyy on MovieStarPlanet

YESSS S OMG FINALLY VIP LOL my parents wouldnt buy it for me so now i got it xD

Jenna jennxox on MovieStarPlanet

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